Lasbela Welfare Trust is dedicated to providing assistance and support to individuals and families whose lives have been devastated by natural disasters. Our focus is on helping those affected by floods rebuild their homes and lives, ensuring they have a safe and secure environment to thrive in once again.

The Impact of Floods

Floods can wreak havoc on communities, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. One of the most significant challenges faced by those affected is the loss of their homes. The devastating power of floodwaters can demolish houses, leaving families homeless and vulnerable. The road to recovery is often long and arduous, as families struggle to rebuild what they have lost.

Our Commitment

At Lasbela Welfare Trust, we understand the importance of a safe and stable home. We are committed to supporting flood-affected communities in their journey to rebuild their lives. Our comprehensive approach focuses on providing not just physical shelter, but also the necessary resources, support, and guidance to empower individuals and families to regain their independence.

Our Services

1. House Reconstruction: We work tirelessly to rebuild homes that have been damaged or destroyed by floods. Our team of skilled professionals and volunteers collaborate with affected families to design and construct resilient and sustainable houses. We prioritize safety, ensuring that the new structures can withstand future challenges and provide a secure living environment.

2. Material Assistance: In addition to physical construction, Lasbela Welfare Trust provides the necessary building materials, including bricks, cement, roofing materials, and other essentials. We aim to alleviate the financial burden of rebuilding and enable families to focus on rebuilding their lives without worrying about the cost of materials.

3. Emotional Support: Recovering from the trauma of a natural disaster can be emotionally challenging. We provide counseling and support services to help individuals and families navigate the emotional impact of the floods. Our compassionate team is dedicated to providing a safe space for individuals to express their feelings and receive guidance on coping with the aftermath of the disaster.

4. Community Development: Lasbela Welfare Trust believes in the strength of community. We actively engage with affected communities, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity. Through community-driven initiatives, we encourage collaboration, participation, and collective problem-solving. By empowering communities, we aim to create a sustainable and supportive environment for long-term recovery.