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Lasbela Welfare Trust (LWT) has been registered under Balochistan Charities ( Registration Regulation and Facilitation) Act XI OF 2019 vide registration No.BL 1636868439059608, Dated.01/12/2020, issued by the Balochistan Charities  Registration and Regulation Authority. – LWT is a welfare organization which is serving people/Humanity.It is working under the supervision of  honourable Jam Kamal Khan Aliani. It is head office is located LWT Office Main Stop Uthal.Presently there are 4 units of  this organization working in different areas of District Lasbela including Uthal,Bela,Winder and Kanraj Tehsil.It is serving rural areas people and provide them medicine and financial support for treatment. It is volunteers are working 24 hours and serving patients on priority basis. and provide first Aid ,Juice and Water to RTA patients. It provides funeral process to dead bodies and helps to people who are victim of natural disaster like Earthquake, Flood and others.  Right now it has Six (6) Ambulances. Lasbela Welfare Trust presently working only in Health Sector and other Social activities. and it has 02 Speed Boats for rescue during Floods

Chief Patron

Nawab Jam Kamal Khan 

We are honored to have Nawab Jam Kamal Khan as our esteemed Chief Patron at Lasbela Welfare Trust. His unwavering support and dedication to our cause have been instrumental in driving positive change within our community. Nawab Jam Kamal Khan's visionary leadership and commitment to social welfare inspire us all to reach greater heights in our mission. His endorsement fuels our passion to uplift the marginalized, and promote sustainable development in Lasbela and beyond. With his guidance, we continue to strive towards creating a brighter and more inclusive future for those we serve. His patronage is a testament to his belief in our mission and our collective ability to make a meaningful impact.





Irfan Ali 

Our esteemed chairman Irfan Ali is the driving force behind our commitment to positive change. With a profound dedication to community welfare and a vision for a better tomorrow, Irfan Ali inspires us all to work tirelessly towards creating a brighter and more inclusive future for the people of Lasbela and beyond. Under his guidance, our NGO strives to uplift the underprivileged and foster sustainable development. Irfan Ali's leadership propels us forward in our mission to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those we serve.


We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone

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